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Creating top level leadership competence in the senior management team.

The Challenge

To enable the Senior Management Team to continue developing the Renova business, through strategic change and new leadership.

The Results

Participants reported that this was an “invaluable intervention, developing awareness of leadership strengths and needs and creating a practical, actionable outcome.”

A member of the leadership team made a successful transition to interim General Manager, enabling the CEO to confidently focus on a new role with the parent company.

All the participants experienced a significant increase in their self-confidence and positive feedback regarding the quality of their leadership input to the organisation and its stakeholders.


Client Profile

Renova is an award winning Development Company providing specialist Primary Care and Community Facilities. The company is passionate about building high quality facilities, and also delivers excellent customer service and flexibility. As a Public-Private Partnership, 40% of all profit is returned to the Public Sector to fund their next objectives. With over £60m of successful projects completed and a further £35m in development, Renova’s reputation is unparallelled in its sector.


Renova was formed about 5 years ago and is owned by Primary Care Trusts and Fulcrum Infrastructure (a specialist development company).

The company has been recognised as a leader amongst the 47 UK Local Improvement Finance Trusts (LIFTs.)

CEO, Richard Ashcroft was moving into a new role at Fulcrum Group, reducing his time commitment to Renova. He required support to redefine his priorities and make the transition.

The Renova Leadership team needed to ‘up its game’ to fill the gap left by Richard’s promotion to the parent company.

Desired Outcomes/Goals

  • To develop the leadership team to enable them to run the business effectively in the absence of the former CEO.
  • To enable the team to be seen as leaders by all stakeholders, through developing both confidence and competence. The development issues were primarily those related to Emotional Intelligence, engagement and relationship management.
  • Introduction and development of EI-based Leadership in the Leadership Team.Raising awareness as a team and of individuals of each team member’s strengths and development areas.
  • Creation of group and individual development plans to address the needs identified.Increasing the confidence of the Team to lead the business (individually and collectively.)


Senior Manager, John Whitehead, discusses how the programme worked to meet Renova's needs.



One-to-one coaching sessions established the relationship with the LeaderShape Coach-facilitator and enabled an understanding of their individual aims and concerns. A first workshop was designed to provide the participants with a sound understanding of the impact of EI and the best use of different leadership styles.The team then undertook LEIPA® 360-degree reviews, followed by individual 2-hr debrief coaching sessions to create individual development action plans.

The second workshop helped align the future development of the group with the LEIPA® output to strengthen the most important key leadership style identified. It also began to establish ways for the team to implement Action Learning Sets, to enable them to solve business problems effectively as a team.

Further 1-2-1 coaching session supported individual development action plans and a Masterclass was provided in the Coaching Style of Leadership, Transactional Analysis concepts and team building, providing further practical input.

A final 1-2-1 coaching session assessed progress, identified next steps and internal support needed to provide ongoing feedback.