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22 July 2021 Danielle Grant, Director of Transpersonal Leadership Development, joins guest host Kevin Craine to discuss emotional intelligence. What is 'emotional intelligence' and what specific characteristics exemplify a leader with a high level of emotional intelligence? Find out in this interview filled with practical advice and action items that you can use today.
 24 min listen
08 July 2021 Greg Young and John Knights join Danielle Grant to discuss organisational investment in leadership development. How can organisations find ROI in the effort? What are the results that make a difference? And what steps can you take today to make the most of your leadership training programs? Explore how transpersonal leadership skills can improve business relationships and results. 
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24 June 2021 Duncan Enright and Danielle Grant discuss ways transpersonal leaders can overcome the challenges of digital transformation. Duncan describes a recent real-world implementation of a digital transformation initiative, spearheaded by LeaderShape Global, and some of the factors that made it a success. One big takeaway: digital transformation is all about the people, not the technology!
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10 June 2021 Greg Young joins Danielle Grant to discuss the perennially knotty problem of transforming organisations. Whether it is to move to a ‘new normal’  as the world emerges from the pandemic little by little, or because of a fundamental business model change, there is an effective and an ineffective way to achieve the transformation. Greg talks about his experience of enabling transformation, bringing the whole organisation along. The essential components are empathy, transparency and effective communication to reduce the fear factor. Hear his top tips.
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27 May 2021 Karen Dean joins Danielle Grant for part two of their interview to discuss the art and value of storytelling for leaders. Hear as they continue their discussion and listen for advice and perspective you can use to leverage the use of narrative as a transformative leadership skill.
"Stories have a beginning, a middle and.. ..a future."
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13 May 2021 Karen Dean joins Danielle Grant to discuss the art and value of narrative in leadership. Karen is a master certified coach who has been working with executives for 30 years. She co-authored a book called "Coaching Stories" designed to help executives move from novice to master. Listen for advice and perspective you can use to leverage storytelling as a transformative leadership skill that engages and supports teams and organisations. 
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29 April 2021 Peter Collyer joins Danielle Grant to talk about the value of developing future talent for organisations through transpersonal approaches. Peter is the Chief People Officer at Ted Baker and an expert at defining "people strategy" and roadmaps for future global growth. Prior to that he was a key change catalyst for a significant shift in business direction at the Walt Disney Company. 
 32 min listen
15 April 2021 Otti Vogt and Danielle Grant discuss "The Fifth Revolution," a topic that is increasingly important for the health of our organisations. What is the Fifth Revolution? As Otti puts it, after the fourth revolution focused on technology and change, we need a humanistic revolution focused on moral leadership. Otti is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Transformation Officer at ING. 

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