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Here is a list of our previous podcast episodes, organised by topic. For our most recent episodes click here.


Episode 1: Who is LeaderShape?
25 July 2020 Danielle Grant, John Knights and Greg Young introduce our new podcast and let listeners know what they can expect from the show. 10 mins

'The new normal' - Virtual Leadership and Organisations

Episode 2: The New Normal of Virtual Organisations
06 Aug 2020 Our CEO, Greg Young, talks about "The New Normal" of virtual organisations. Listen for action items for leading a virtual organisation that you can use today for better results. See our Leading a Virtual Organisation infographic here20 mins 

21 August 2020 John Knights, our Chairman, talks with Danielle Grant about developing leaders in a virtual organisation and ways to ensure productivity is equal or better than in the past. 19 mins

Episode 4: Transpersonal Leadership and “the New Normal”
11 September 2020 John Knights joins Danielle Grant to discuss how transpersonal leadership is needed to lead effectively in "the new normal", a topic that is increasingly pressing for organisations around the world. 15 mins

Ethical Leadership

Episode 5: How to Develop Ethical Leaders
24 September 2020 Greg Young joins Danielle Grant to discuss how to develop ethical leaders, a topic that is increasingly important both in organisations and politics. Download our FREE Ethics white paper here. 17 mins

Episode 8: Ethics in Leadership
05 November 2020 Danielle Grant speaks with Annabel Beerel about ethics in business leadership. Explore how leaders must go beyond traditional norms and rules to question the ethical implications of their actions and decisions. Listen for advice you can use to lead beyond the ego with ethics, empathy and humility. 22 mins

08 October 2020 Duncan Enright joins Danielle Grant to discuss leadership in politics. Listen and explore how must leaders act, think and perform in order to create the changes needed for our society today. Download our FREE Ethical Political Leadership white paper here 15 mins

Episode 7: Ethics in Politics
22 October 2020 Duncan Enright speaks with Danielle Grant about how political leaders must lead beyond the ego with ethics, empathy and humility, and how these qualities are essential underpinnings for political leadership today. Read Duncan's recent 'Politics Beyond the Individual' article here 17 mins


Episode 9: COVID-19 and the Increasing Importance of Purpose

19 November 2020 Danielle Grant speaks with John Knights, about COVID-19 and the increasing importance and value of purpose. John suggests that we each ask ourselves if we have a purpose, and if the actions we take as leaders are consistent with our broader values and the greater good. 13 mins

Episode 10: The Importance of Purpose for Next-Gen Leaders

02 December 2020 Caroline Dowd-Higgins joins Danielle Grant to discuss the importance of purpose for the new generation of emerging leaders. Caroline is an influencer in the career and professional development arena, VP of Career Coaching for the Ivy Tech Community College system, and the author of the book “This Is Not The Career I Ordered." 18 mins

Complex Adaptive Systems

Episode 11: Leadership in Complex Adaptive Systems - Part 1

17 December 2020 This is part one of a discussion with Greg Young and Danielle Grant about the challenges and opportunities of leadership in complex adaptive systems. Why is it best to take a systems approach to managing the pandemic and its effects, and how is it important to change our way of thinking and leading complex systems like COVID-19? 14 mins

Episode 12: Leadership in Complex Adaptive Systems - Part 2 

07 January 2021 This is part two of a discussion with Greg Young and Danielle Grant about the challenges and opportunities of leadership in complex adaptive systems. It can be difficult to find success in a dynamic network of interactions because the behaviour of the ensemble may not be predictable according to the behaviour of the components. 16 mins