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This advanced on-line assessment/ development tool identifies an individual’s behavioural and operational strengths plus their development needs to improve their leadership performance. It measures competence in the context of their own role and the culture of the organisation. LEIPA compares different leadership styles against their importance in the executive’s current role, providing a gap analysis. 

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Below is information on the LEIPA process with accredited CPD points. If you are looking for information on the standard LEIPA please click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation is available for those completing a LEIPA if the accredited process is followed below

Key Features

  • Uniquely correlates EI competencies against the most important leadership styles for the circumstances.
  • Developed from the proven Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style Framework (Goleman 
    Boyatzis 2001).
  • Objective focus on observed against desired behaviours within the organisation, backed by 
    verbatim comments.
  • Not reliant on ‘norms’, LEIPA® is culturally neutral, so it can be used across any organisation or geography.
  • Creates a specific action plan for immediate and future development.
  • An on-line tool that is easy to set up, manage and deliver.

The LEIPA process for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation  

The LEIPA process provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation. This is provided by The CPD Standards Office.

The process for those wishing to undertake this is as per the chart (below right). On completion of the accreditation process a certificate will be provided. 


LEIPA® supports real behavioural change to help them maximise their effectiveness in their role.

  • On-line verbatim comments from raters authenticate the data.
  • The full report contains complete details of the data to enable thorough investigation of key points.
  • The candidate is guided to improve EI development areas that will have the greatest impact in their current role.
  • The process includes the candidate engaging with raters to follow up on development areas.
  • All facilitators are accredited executive coaches who are able to follow up the LEIPA report debrief with on-going coaching where appropriate.
  • We can adapt the tool to include the leadership competencies required of your organisation.

 Read a LEIPA® Case Study here

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